Achtis Hotel

5 reasons to visit Achtis Hotel

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Hotel Achtis is located close to well known Thessaloniki, therefore it makes a good tourist stop. However now you’ll discover other 5 reasons to visit Achtis Hotel, besides Thessaloniki. Hopefully some of these reasons will tickle your imagination and desire to travel.

The pool
The pool of this hotel serves as place of relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, and not only. The pool is rather large, therefore you won’t feel suffocated by the other guests as easily as at other hotels. You’ll also love the pool’s irregular shape and the nature surrounding it: you’ll feel like in an oasis rather than at the pool.

The gym
When going on a vacation people have the tendency of over eating when compared to the amount of activity they perform. To help you stay in shape, Hotel Achtis created a gym equipped with modern fitness machines. Many people relax or cheer up while working out, so you can also try it out for these reasons alone.

To visit the museum
Although the hotel is located in a rather small village, tourists can go visit the folk museum found here. The museum offers an interesting view and window into the lives of the locals.What stands out the most is the feeling of being taken back in time or even standing still in time.

Admire the architecture
The area of Afitos, a small village, shows signs of being inhabited for more than 3000 years. Most of its architecture remained unchanged for centuries. This aspect gives the impression that time passes by at a slower rate, helping you have a better vacation.

Everyone loves shopping, and while visiting Greece and this village, shopping is not forgotten. Go out and about to discover small boutiques selling unique items you can turn into gifts for your friends and family.