Casa Gangotena

5 reasons to visit Casa Gangotena

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

How many cities can say their skyline is filled with old and beautiful churches? Not too many, but Quito in Ecuador is one of them. Find out the 5 reasons to visit Casa Gangotena, a nice hotel located in this city.

You’ll enjoy a historic skyline
Speaking of the city’s skyline, the one at your window will be that of the historic center of the city. What’s more amazing than that? This historic area is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the feature standing out the most is the architecture specific to the colonial era.

Choose your poison
Or better said, the type of museum you like the most. There are so many museums in Quito you’ll really have to be selective if you plan to visit one or two. Fundación Guayasamín, Museo Nacional de Banco Central del Ecuador, and Museo Mindalae, are just a few of the ones visited the most by other tourists.

Find your photographic inspiration
As mentioned before, the city is picture ready by today’s standards - it only needs a talented eye to capture its beauty in a different light. If painting or drawing are your passions more than photography, surely you’ll need to find a quiet place to let inspiration flowing through you.

Visit a church or more of them
You don’t have to be religious to go to church. Many churches around Quito are filled with history and therefore are impressive to visit for this aspect alone. Iglesia de San Francisco and Compañía de Jesús are just a couple that deserve more of your attention. The former dates back to the 16th century and the later was build in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The food
The hotel’s restaurant serves authentic Ecuadorian dishes and some of them come with a twist. Make sure to explore the street food as well - naturally you’ll find it when exploring the streets of Quito.