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Top Places to See in West Palm Beach

The state of Florida has a lot in store for the wandering tourists and West Palm Beach is just one of the cities there that has become a favorite destination by both local and foreign travelers. You will never be a dull day once you incorporate these attractions to you list of things to do… Read More »

Top Places to See in St. Thomas

The US Virgin Islands is one of the top getaways of both locals and foreigners who want to enjoy the sea and St. Thomas island is a favorite in the Caribbean Sea. Here are some of the attractions that it offers and the top activities that you can do there. Places to See Charlotte Amalie… Read More »

Top Places to See in St. Petersburg/Clearwater

St. Petersburg is said to be an arts and entertainment destination, but there are other fun, daring, and adventurous things to do there. While planning your itinerary, make sure that you include the following on your must-do list. Places to See Sunken Gardens – When you get tired of shopping in St. Petersburg, just make… Read More »

Top Places to See in Rome

Everyone dreams of visiting Rome one day. In fact, this city is a major inclusion in most European tours. Rich history, amazing architecture, and magnificent sceneries await you there. These are just some of the attractions this top tourist destination has to offer. Places to See Colosseum – What used to be a grand arena… Read More »

Top Places to See in Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda was once ranked #2 in the top 20 best places to live and much of that can be attributed to its lovely and uncongested community that is abundant in sunshine, wildlife, and clear blue beaches. If you want more proof, give the place a visit and enjoy the many attractions and activities that… Read More »

Top Places to See in Montrose

Even local residents of Montrose rave over the many attractions that they are yet to see in their area, so it is safe to say that tourists will have a fun-filled itinerary once they visit this city in Colorado. “Boring” will be the last word that will come to your mind during your trip to… Read More »

Top Places to See in Kahului

Kahului was once referred to as the “dream city” while it was still being developed in the middle part of the 20th century. The objective then was to make the place habitable and filled with comforts, which is a huge contrast to the barracks and plantation camps that dominated this sugar industry center in Hawaii.… Read More »

Top Places to See in Jacksonville

Your visit to Jacksonville, Florida will not be complete if you fail to see its top tourist destinations. So, keep these places and activities in mind before your trip there. Places to See Museum of Science and History – If you want to escape the midday heat in Jacksonville, then get inside the Museum of… Read More »

Top Places to See in Honolulu

Mention Honolulu and the first thing that comes to mind is a long vacation spent under the sun and in the beaches. However, that is not the only thing you can do in this city in Hawaii. The place has other notable attractions too that every visitor must care to see and do for a… Read More »

Top Places to See in Grand Junction

The great thing about Grand Junction is that it offers the conveniences of a city without the usual problems of pollution, traffic, and high crime rate. On top of that, it is surrounded by natural mountainous beauty and it has its own list of attractions that make it an ideal vacation spot in the US.… Read More »