Five reasons to visit Fontana, Wisconsin: The Abbey Resort

By | June 16, 2017

There are many amazing resort you can visit while in Fontana, and one of these is The Abbey Resort. The resort is family friendly and perfect for a nice vacation with your family or friends, Here you will also find many things to do that will keep you occupied, so make sure to check it out.

Dining and restaurants
Maybe you are looking for some nice places to eat at, and the restaurant offers varied cafes and restaurants for all tourists. You can start your morning with a trip to the Cafe Latte coffee shop, where you can have some great pastries and a hot cup of coffee. If you want to dine in style, check out the cool Waterfront. You will be able to eat your food enjoying the lake views, and maybe have some drinks after dinner at the bar. The pleasant atmosphere and fresh cuisine will surely make your trip that much better.

Weddings and events
Your most important day should be just as special as you are. If you plan on making some unforgettable memories, make sure to check out the hotels varied wedding packages. You can choose one or adjust it in any way you like, and the prices are affordable to any budget. In addition to this, you have several venues to choose from, including an outdoor one for summer weddings. Professional photography and cake are included in the wedding packages as well.

Spa packages
The hotel gives you the chance to relax and pamper yourself with a visit to the spa or many spa packages. Here you can have a makeover done for your next event, or maybe just a facial that will help you feel and look younger. Make sure to check out the list of available massages and body therapies and then pick your favorite.

Meetings and events
It doesn’t matter what event you are looking to host, the hotel offers something for everyone. You can host your private event or business meeting at one of the venues designed specifically for this purpose. If you want to take all your worries away and just enjoy your event, packages are provided as well. Your event can be just as special as you want, and the staff made sure to equip the space with free wi-fi and all the required technology.

Resort activities
The resort will keep you and your guests entertained for the duration of your stay. For example, you can start off your day with a swim in the pool, and you can choose from more than one pool. In addition to this, you can visit the fitness center everytime you feel the need for some exercise. Guests are also enabled to play games at the arcade when the weather is not pleasant for an outdoor trip, or stay in and order room service. The resort gives you the chance to relax and have fun, but also send some quiet moments in the middle of nature anytime you want to.