Grand Junction

The great thing about Grand Junction is that it offers the conveniences of a city without the usual problems of pollution, traffic, and high crime rate. On top of that, it is surrounded by natural mountainous beauty and it has its own list of attractions that make it an ideal vacation spot in the US. Here are some of the things to see and do there.
Places to See
Dinosaur Journey Museum – Know more about these majestic creatures that once ruled the Earth. You will find both real fossils and man-made reconstructions of dinosaurs in this museum, some of which are animated to interact with visitors. Tours usually last for half a day, but you can go there for several days to experience working with their resident paleontologists too.
Grand Mesa – Considered the largest flat topped mountain in the world, Grand Mesa will give you the most sensational and scenic view in Grand Junction. The journey there is full of surprises, with plenty of shops, fruit stands, restaurants, and wineries to stop by along the way.
Art on the Corner – This is a sidewalk sculpture exhibit in the downtown area. Local artists bolt their works along the sidewalks and change the displays every six months or so. This makes walking along the streets of downtown Grand Junction a real feast to the eyes.
Things to Do
Wine Tasting – Try visiting Whitewater Hills Vineyards for a glass of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, or White Merlot. After the educational and free wine tasting, you can then indulge in some shopping in their retail store and even have a picnic by the terrace overlooking the vineyard.
Go Skiing and Snowboarding – The Powderhorn Resort is a great place to do this activity because it has different trails for all skill levels, not to mention that the place is affordable.
Hiking – Following the trails in Riggs Hills is like walking the path trodden by dinosaurs millions of years ago mainly because this area is considered a hot spot by paleontologists. Numerous dinosaur bones and fossils have been dug here and the possibility of coming across one just makes this hike more exciting.