Even local residents of Montrose rave over the many attractions that they are yet to see in their area, so it is safe to say that tourists will have a fun-filled itinerary once they visit this city in Colorado. “Boring” will be the last word that will come to your mind during your trip to Montrose.
Places to See
Ute Indian Museum – This museum features a complete collection of the life and culture of the Utes, the early inhabitants of this valley. It is aptly located at the original home of the chief of the Utes, Chief Ouray. Aside from the great exhibits, there are picnic areas and lovely gardens around the ground and souvenir shops that sell Indian jewelries.
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park – It is hard to say in words the scenic beauty of this canyon. Just imagine granite walls that rise up to more than 2000 feet, plunging down to a river on its center, and a natural beauty all around that changes with the seasons. The best way to appreciate this is to see it for yourself on your trip to Montrose.
Curecanti National Recreation Area – There are a lot of things to do in this area, like fishing, swimming, waterskiing, camping, hiking, wakeboarding, and sailing. A day will not be enough to enjoy all the adventures that you can do here, not to mention that it is rich in natural scenic beauty as well.
Things to Do
Boat Tour – A ride on a pontoon boat will bring you to the Morrow Point Reservoir, where you will see the Chipeta Falls and other ecological wonders of this area. Prior to the boat ride, participants must first hike through the Pine Creek Trail, making the entire tour truly educational and a feast to the eyes.
Camping – Even if you have booked yourself in a hotel in Montrose, do not miss the chance to sleep outdoors under the stars while you are there. Camping grounds are available in the Black Canyon area, which are maintained safe for all visitors.