Top 10 places to visit in Birmingham – Alabama

By | November 9, 2016

banner-homeIf you are interested in the Civil Rights Movement, Birmingham is the right city to visit. Here you will find many things to see and do that will occupy your time and ensure you have a great vacation.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
If you are in town in order to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement, the Institute is a good place to start your sightseeing tour. The center provides info on the 60’s movement, and you will be able to see artifacts related to that era. The Institute also offers exhibits that will give you more info on the subject.

Birmingham Museum of Art
Maybe you are a lover of art, and in that case go to the Museum of Art for a couple of hours. The museum features art coming from Europe, but also American and Asian art for any guest to enjoy. Some of the objects available here include paintings, sculptures, and extensive photography collections.

McWane Science Center
If you are a fan of science as much as art, visit the McWane Science Center in order to discover everything it has to offer. The museum features amazing interactive exhibits where you will get to see dinosaurs with your own eyes.

Southern Museum of Flight
Take some time off your day to go on a tour of the Southern Museum of Flight. This museum provides info on how planes and aircrafts were first designed, and you will get to watch numerous flight related exhibits whenever you visit.

Vulcan Park
The Vulcan Park is one of the city’s most important attractions, so don’t miss out on the chance to see the statue with your own eyes. The high statue depicts the God of Fire, and was built way back in 1904. The park is also a perfect place for picnics in the morning with your family.

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark
If you want to experience more of the city’s history, visit The Sloss Furnaces. The place is surrounded by a large park, and exists ever since 1882.

Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
If you want to spend a day in nature, head over to the Mountain Nature Center for a day. Here you can hike on the trails, see the many different species of birds and even rent a bike. The Nature Center is also the place where may wild animals reside, so you may get the chance to see snakes and other reptiles.

Birmingham Zoo
If you want to watch even more animals, head over to the Birmingham Zoo. The Zoo makes for a perfect destination to visit with your family, and you will get the chance to see monkeys, but also a huge butterfly collection.

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
Maybe you are a fan of sports, and in that case you should visit the Sports Hall of Fame for the chance to see exhibits and sport related memorabilia.

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
You should not leave the city without visiting a historic monument. Visit this historical church in order to learn more about the roots of the city. The Baptist Church was built in 1963, and revamped in 1964 after a bombing.