Top 10 places to visit in Lansing – Michigan

By | March 11, 2017

Lansing is Michigan’s capital and a city you may enjoy seeing during a vacation. Maybe you are looking for some things to do and see, so check out this list for more info. Once you visit, you will want to come back again on your next vacation.

Michigan State Capitol
The heavily decorated building should be one of your first stops when you visit Lansing. You can get the chance to take some amazing pics, but this visit will also teach you more about the politics in Lansing. The Capitol is open for self walks and guided tours as well.

Potter Park Zoo
Maybe you love animals, so make sure to check out Potter Park Zoo during your trip. Here you can see hundreds of species of animals, which makes this place perfect for a trip with your family. More than this, the Zoo hosts special events on holidays. The Zoo offers reasonable prices, and it open every day of the year.

Impression 5 Science Center
The Science Center is the ideal location for people of all ages. Kids will love engaging in the varied educational programs, and you can also enjoy some of your favorite activities.

Cooley Law School Stadium
Maybe you enjoy sports, and in that case you should visit the Cooley Law School Stadium. Here you can watch a baseball game or practice with your family in a cool setting.

River Trail
Maybe you want to keep active during your vacation, so you should visit the River Trail. This trail is perfect to spend a morning at running or hiking. The views are amazing and you can take many pics to show your friends at home.

Old Town
If you want to try something different, go to the Old Town for a few hours. Here you can take a carriage tour, and stroll along the streets enjoying the shops and the views.

Horrocks Farm Market
The Farm Market is the ideal place to go if you want fresh fruits and vegetables. The Farm Market is also a good spot to buy gifts and souvenirs, and mingle with the locals. The prices are affordable and your family will love it here.

Lansing Center
If you need a place to host your business event or private party, the Lansing Center is a good idea. The Center is large enough to host any kind of event, from small gatherings to large ones.

Carl G. Fenner Nature Center
The Nature Center is open for birthday parties, and is a great outdoor spot for any kind of event. More than this, you will get to spend some time in nature and admire the plants and flowers.

Hawk Island Park
The park is not only a great place for picnics and reading a book, but also for hiking and biking. The park also includes a lake where you can swim and practice your favorite water sports. The park can be visited any day of the week for free, so it makes a perfect location for a family trip.