Top 10 places to visit in Oxnard-California

By | February 7, 2017

Oxnard is not very far from Los Angeles, and could make an amazing destination in summer. Maybe you are wondering which are some of the city’s main attractions, so check out the list.


Oxnard & Coastal Grill Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to eat, this restaurant could be your best bet. Here you will get to enjoy the best burgers in town, but also fresh salads. The restaurant is perfect for a meal with your family, but also a luxurious and romantic dinner.


Heritage Square

Maybe you want to do some sightseeing, and in that case visit the Heritage Square. This downtown area is packed with shops, restaurants ad cafes you may like to check out on a free day.


Gondola Rides

Even if you are not in Europe, you can still go on a gondola ride. The gondola rides last for about 50 minutes, and a boat fits 4 people. The tour will allow you to view the best areas of the town by water, and you can take your significant other for a ride as a surprise.


The Italian Job Café

This ice cream place is the best in town, and you should head over here whenever you are in the mood for something sweet. The Italian Job Cafe offers many flavors of ice cream you may enjoy, but be ready to wait in line for your serving.


Mandalay Beach

If you visit Oxnard, consider taking a trip to the beach. Mandalay Beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing walk, but also for working on your tan. If you want to take a morning or evening walk here, you can enjoy the cool breeze and exotic trees.


California Welcome Center

If this is your first time visiting the city, the Welcome Center is a good resource place. Here you can get maps for your itinerary, and also ask the questions you need to know about the city.


Oxnard State Beach and Park

The State Beach and Park is the place where locals and tourists alike gather in order to have fun and practice water sports. Grab a beach chair and spend some hours in the sun, or maybe enjoy a cocktail while doing some crowd watching.


Channel Islands Maritime Museum

If you want to learn more about boats and the sea, the Maritime Museum is a destination you shouldn’t miss. The museum will help you learn more about the Channel Islands, and makes for a great family destination. Your children will enjoy discovering more about the islands, so bring them here for a few hours.


Channel Islands Harbor

The Harbor is the place where you can simply shop for souvenirs, fresh produce or antiques. In addition to that, bikes are available for rent here, so you can enjoy a day out viewing the crowd and strolling through the streets.


Silver Strand Beach

The area is packed with beautiful beaches, and Silver Strand Beach is one you would surely enjoy seeing. The beach features white sand and clear blue waters, which makes it perfect for romantic walks.