Top 10 places to visit in Rochester – New York

By | February 10, 2017

Take the time to visit and enjoy the attractions in Rochester during your next trip. Before you leave, make sure to take the time and read a guide on the main attractions of the city. Read on in order to learn more about what Rochester has to offers its tourists.

Rochester Cathedral
This gorgeous Cathedral should be on your list of things to visit when you’re in town. The architectural design of the building is something that looks great in pictures, ad you will also get the chance to learn more about the city’s roots.

Guildhall Museum
The museum not only hosts an impressive collection of artworks from all around the world, but is also the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony. If you still haven’t found the place to say your vows, consider Guildhall Museum as an option.

The Strong Museum
This non profit organization is the perfect spot to visit when you want to have some fun. The museum offers many interactive exhibits you may want to engage in, and the entrance is free.

George Eastman Museum
The Museum is open every day for guided tours, so take the time to experience life in the 19th century and take pictures of this beautiful mansion.

The Genesee River
Maybe you want to spend some time in nature, so take a trip to the Genesee River in order to have some fun. Here you will notice gorgeous waterfalls, trails, but you will also be able to enjoy in some of your favorite watersports.

Artisan Works
If you are a fan of art and antiques, head over to the Artisan Work for an afternoon. Here you can shop for some pieces, or host your own private party in a luxurious setting.

Rochester Museum & Science Center
Maybe you enjoy learning more about science, and i that case the Rochester Museum should be on your list. The museum provides temporary and permanent exhibits related to science, and is also the place where numerous events are being held.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard
Whenever you are in the mood for a sweet treat, all you have to do is pay a visit to this famous ice cream shop. Locals and tourists alike gather here every summer for a sweet treat, so be ready to wait in a long line.

Rochester Museum of Fine Arts
No matter what type of art you are looking for, Rochester has it all. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts in order to view contemporary but also modern pieces. The museum is open everyday and the entrance is free.

Seneca Park Zoo
A family trip will be much more exciting if you go to the Zoo. The Seneca Park Zoo offers a great variety of species, such as monkeys, elephants, tigers and lions. The Zoo is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning, and maybe take some beautiful pictures along the way. Many exhibits and events are taking place here over the summer, so make sure to check the schedule before your trip.