Top 10 places to visit in Vallejo – California

By | April 30, 2017

If you want to visit Vallejo in California, read on for some info. Located on the Bay Area, the city provides many places to visit that a tourist could have fun exploring. This city is a lot of fun to visit during any month of the year, so you can be sure to fully enjoy your vacation.

San Francisco Bay Ferry Vallejo Service
If you visit Vallejo, take the time to ride the ferry and enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean. The San Francisco Bay Ferry Vallejo Service is the most important attraction in the city, so don’t forget to check it out.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
If you love amusement parks, take the time to experience Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and everything it has to offer. The theme park is a main attraction in Vallejo for both kids and adults, no matter their background.

Empress Theatre
Maybe you want to enjoy a good movie, and in that case make sure to check out Empress Theatre. Here the best movies are being shown every night, so make sure to visit when you are in town with your family.

Mare Island Museum
Lovers of history should not forget to check out the cool Mare Island Museum. The museum will teach you more about the history of the city, and you can see permanent but also seasonal exhibits as well. More than this, the museum is free to visit.

Vallejo Farmer’s Market
If you want to get some fresh fruit and veggies, check out the Farmer’s Market. The locals bring their fresh produce here everyday, and you can enjoy having a taste of the most healthy products in the city. Plus, you will surely have fun picking the fruits.

Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum
The Historical Museum is definitely a place you should check out when you’re in town. You can learn more about the naval industry in Vallejo, and maybe even buy souvenirs from the gift shop.

McCune Rare Book and Art Collection
If you are an avid reader and always want to add new pieces to your collection, check out McCune Rare Book Collection. The place is free to visit, and you can choose between a huge collection of books.

Carquinez Bridge
The Bridge is the perfect place to visit if you want to get a nice view over the city. This is also a good spot for pictures, so head over here for a morning walk whenever you are in the mood.

Mare Island Golf Club
Maybe you are a fan of golf, or you just started practicing this elegant sport. No matter the case, you can now check out the amazing Mare Island Golf Club. The Club offers decent prices and an amazing view for everyone to enjoy.

Napa Valley Vic’s Wine Tours
Maybe you are searching for a romantic activity, and in that case a Wine Tour sounds like a good idea. Wine Tours are scheduled here on a constant basis, and you can check out the schedule on the official website.