Visit Grafton, Illinois: Pere Marquette Lodge and Conference Center

By | June 15, 2017

There are many things to enjoy while on vacation, so check out the five reasons to go to Pere Marquette Lodge and Conference Center. The resort is comfortable and will surprise you with its modern amenities and varied activities. Located in a quiet natural area, the hotel receives numerous guests each year.

Eating out options
Do you want to have a relaxing dinner with your family? All you have to do is go to the restaurant. The hotel’s restaurant provides healthy food options for the entire family. Some of the specialties you can find here include the famous fried chicken, which you should definitely try once. Furthermore, you will get the chance to try the amazing pecan pie or one of the burgers which made the place famous. Reservations are available here, and the restaurant serves breakfast, but also lunch and dinner.

Wedding packages
If you want your wedding day to be one to remember, make sure to check out the hotel’s wedding packages. You will get the chance to spend an amazing day in the company of your family and friends, and relax while the staff is taking care of your needs. Wedding packages are also available here, so you can choose which ones fits you most. The wedding packages include photography, wedding cake, champagne, as well as accommodation for you and your guests.

Things to do
You will surely not get bored during your stay, so check out some of the activities you can enjoy if you stay here. For example you will get the chance to try outdoors activities such as biking and hiking, and bike rentals are offered as well. If you want to do something different, make sure to go in a tour of the lodge in order to see the building in all its beauty. Its architectural style will probably make you want to return again next time.

Go to the Winery
The Winery here will provide any wine lover with an amazing experience. Wine tours are available on request, and are also organized on a weekly basis. You can try some of the many varieties of wine found here, and maybe surprise your friends or significant other with a bottle of wine. Furthermore, the winery overlooks the river which provides fantastic views for anyone who visits. You can even get a discount card if you visit in a group.

Programs and events
Even if you don’t go far from the resort, you will be kept busy by the many activities available here. For example, bird watching fans can get to attend the fun Bald Eagle Watching Program, where you can see eagles nearby in all their splendor. Maybe you enjoy gourmet dining, and in that case you should check out the Mushroom Wine Pairing Dinner. The prices are affordable for the entire family, and you will get to enjoy a evening full of fun things to do as well as good food. Family related activities are also organized on a weekly basis.