Migis Lodge - Maine

Migis Lodge - Maine

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Migis Lodge is almost 100 years old. This lodge offers views of the Sebago Lake, is surrounded by trees, and therefore makes for a perfect destination for a getaway. Read on about some fun activities you can enjoy at the Migis Lodge - Maine.

Enjoy the lake
There are several ways the lake and not all of them include you getting wet. For instance you can go sailing or paddling. If you want to get wet you can choose waterskiing, wakeboarding, or even swimming. Some activities are available on the first come first served basis.

Play golf
When you play golf you will surely stay dry unless it suddenly starts raining. The golf course is not on site, but close by at the Point Sebago. This course features 18 holes and caters to the needs and skills of everyone interested in golf. There several other golf clubs in the vicinity if you want to go further.

The best thing you can buy in a vacation is a gift for somebody you care for, or you want to impress. Migis Lodge has the perfect gift shop you can hope for because each room has a theme while the inventory is refreshed throughout the year.

Family fun
This lodge is kids friendly and offers a lot of fun stuff to do together as family. For instance every Friday evening in summer, it’s karaoke night. You can enjoy a bonfire complete with marshmallows on Thursday nights in summer. Additionally there are several kids only activities planned as well, such as kids’ camps.

While you can eat indoors no matter the season, summer is perfect for a cookout and having dinner outside. Kids have their own menu as well. However, all the ingredients are grown and handpicked by the staff of the lodge.