Shinta Mani Resort

5 reasons to visit Shinta Mani Resort

  • By Alan S
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Cambodia is a country full of history and with a rich culture. Every year, this small country receives countless visitors. If you’re lucky enough to travel there, here you’ll find 5 reasons to visit Shinta Mani Resort.

You’ll be helping a community
The Shinta Mani Foundation hopes to continue its activities by promoting a responsible type of tourism. The foundation is trying to help those in need, and there are many of them in Cambodia. The first step was to provide education and training to those who want a better life. The program was very successful and it continues to be so.

Enjoy the spa services
The spa is a great place to relax, feel rejuvenated, and become more beautiful. if you know what type of procedures you’ll take advantage,of, all you need to know is that they’re traditional Khmer rituals for healing and relaxation.

Take some cooking classes
Cambodian dishes are very different than the ones you’re used to, for sure. Learn how to prepare them from the resort’s chef. The lessons start in an authentic Cambodian market where you’ll learn a little bit about your ingredients and spices. Once in the kitchen, you’ll learn how to prepare them and you’ll be ready to impress your friends back home.

Go see some traditional dances
If you go to Cambodia, you must go see one of their traditional dances. Luckily for you these are easy to run into at many restaurants.

Go see how silk is made
Silk is an amazing fabric and not many people get to see how the yarn is made, but you do! The silk Farm visit is free and you’ll also be able to enjoy a great view of a mulberry bush plantation. Not only you’ll learn about each step of the silk making process, but at the end of your visit you can also buy some from the showroom!