Woodloch Pines - Pennsylvania

Woodloch Pines - Pennsylvania

  • By Jane
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Not everyone likes to spend their vacation under the sun and on the beach. If you’re one of these people then you have plenty of other choices such as going to Woodloch Pines - Pennsylvania, and here are some fun things to check out while being there.

Kids can stay for free
The mountains provide a lot of fresh air and make the little ones get tired faster. This is something you should keep in mind when choosing a destination. At this resort, families with kids under the ages 6 and 12 do not have to pay for their accommodation, but only on certain dates.

Art classes
Becoming more artistic is always a good thing. Developing this skill can prove beneficial even for your career. You’ll learn the basics for the tools and techniques used while practicing what you learned. Every week you’ll learn something new.

Learn about food and wine
Surely this class is not intended for minors, but if you like cooking you definitely need to attend it. You’ll learn some well kept secrets of the trade and this will help you prepare even better tasting meals to impress your guests in the future.

Getting fit
Spending a few days in the mountains gives a great excuse to start a fitness routine. You can choose the class that you like best: zumba, pilates, tai chi, or kettle bell workout. Each class is unique in its own way and you should try all of them out to discover which one fits you more.

Petting zoo
If you take the kids with you then you must go to the petting zoo. Sheep, rabbits,and ponies, seem to be the most popular animals, but they’re not the only ones present. Going to the zoo is a great way to teach your kid how to respect and care for animals.