Club Med Cancun Yucatan

Club Med Cancun Yucatan

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Traveling with your family can be fun and rewarding. Cancun is a gorgeous city, and its hotels do not lack variety. Check out the things to do and see at Club Med Cancun Yucatan.

Family friendly resort
If you have problems trying to locate a family friendly resort, Club Med is what you are looking for. The resort features large rooms and all inclusive packages for any family and budget. You will not have to spend any extra money on activities, as the hotel is full of things to do.

Wellness Centre
With an great location right by the lagoon, Club Med's wellness centre offers diversified therapies for any taste. The spa encompasses 6 private rooms for customized treatments, and a tea room. When you want to spend some time by yourself, head over to the terrace.

Outdoor sports
Scuba diving is something you must try out in Cancun, and a school is located less than an hour away from the hotel. If you don't want to pay any extra, check out the fitness school. The fitness courses are included in the hotel's packages, so you may want to take advantage of that.

Enjoy a nice meal
There is no need to go far from the resort just to enjoy your favorite dish. La Hacienda is a spacious restaurant with 5 dining rooms and an attractive decor. This Mexican restaurant includes an outdoor terrace, and you can even eat at the buffet. Your kids will be taken care of at the Baby Zone, where food will be prepared for them.

Go on an excursion
Club Med organizes many trips and excursions that allow you to see and understand the city's beauty. The tours can be customized as to suit your specific schedule, and include the attractions you want to see most.