Hotel Riu Caribe

Hotel Riu Caribe

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Visiting Cancun will surely prove to be an enjoyable experience. Make sure you find a hotel that is nearby the beach, such as Hotel Riu Caribe. Read on in order to learn more about this elegant hotel.

Play sports
Hotel Riu Caribe gives its guests the chance to play their favorite sports. Here you will find 2 tennis courts, and you can even try your airgun shooting skills. If you like beach sports better, engage in some beach volleyball with your friends. A golf course is located steps away from Hotel Riu Caribe.

Eat some yummy food
Cancun is a city where Mediterranean cuisine is predominant, and you should not miss out on the chance to experience it. The hotel also features an Asian and a Mexican restaurant, so you will surely find something you like.

Go to the beach
The Cancun beaches are famous all over the world, and booking a room at Hotel Riu Caribe is the best way to experience them. You will go back home with an amazing tan, but also learn how to scuba-dive.

RiuLand entertainment programme
Your children will not get bored while you enjoy your trip. You can enroll your little ones in the Riuland programme, where they will bond with other kids their age. The programme focuses on teaching kids how to be more creative and go back home with a new set of skills.

Get refreshed at the Renova Spa wellness centre
The resort's Spa offers more than simple body therapies. If you ever wanted to experience a different kind of massage, this is the place to go. The wellness centre uses some of the best techniques which combine eastern traditions with modern ones. You can ask for a chocolate therapy, or enjoy a customized massage that will relieve your stress.