Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa

Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa

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A nice summer vacation always includes sandy beaches, rich historical places and exotic landscapes. You can find all this and more in Crete, so it comes as no surprise that numerous tourists visit this place. After deciding where to go, the next stop would be finding a good hotel. If you are wondering which resorts we likes the most, here is why we visit Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa.

The amazing facilities
Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa features all the facilities a top resort should. You can go and play a game of billiard if you are too tired to go out, or play one of the latest games in the game room. If you could not take your computer with you, the hotel also includes an Internet corner. In addition to that, wi-fi is available in each room. Even though the beach is nearby, Apollonia offers its own several pools. These pools are filled with either salty or fresh water, and beach towels are available at the reception. The towels and beach chairs are offered for free to the hotel's guests.

The bars and restaurants
Head over to Aphrodite, the hotel's main restaurant, in order to get a taste of the traditional Greek cuisine. This is also the place to experience an all American breakfast buffet with your family or friends. The dishes are prepared right in front of you, and every ingredient is fresh. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available to guests upon request. During the evening hours, visit Ambrosia, a tavern where the amazing atmosphere and beautiful landscapes draw thousands of tourists everyday. Asian cuisine lovers should check out Anjin San, a Chinese restaurant open until late in the evening.

Get a massage at the Spa
If you want to revive your body and spirit, take some hours off to visit the Spa. The unique and highly personalized body therapies are performed by certified experts. Lay down with a cup and champagne and try a relaxing massage, body wrap or manicure. The Spa also offers firming face treatments, hair styling services, and scalp massages. Let yourself be pampered and forget about the daily worries for a while.

Check out the stores
If you thought shopping will not be included in your plans, you were mistaken. Apollonia Beach Resort features a large variety of shops which includes jewelry stores. Here you might just find that perfect necklace or bracelet you always dreamed about. Perhaps you may even be able to locate a lovely gift for your girlfriends of wife. Among other shops you will encounter a mini market that is packed with summer clothing and toys.

Go to the beach
A summer trip is simply not the same without the sun and blue waters. Head over to the beach whenever you have a free moment, and spend a few minutes taking in the fresh air. Additionally, the beach offers many cool entertainment options like volleyball, scuba diving, or swimming. Take your kids and buy them some ice cream while you work on getting an amazing tan.