Iberostar Ciudad Blanca

Iberostar Ciudad Blanca

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If you are looking for a pet and family friendly hotel, consider Iberostar Ciudad Blanca as one of your options. The hotel is located in Alcudia, which is the ideal vacation destination. Its proximity to Puerto de Alcudia and the beach make it a popular destination for romantic getaways, as well as family trips.

The amazing gastronomy
There is no need to go far from the hotel in order to experience some great dishes. Head over to the Bell Viure Restaurant if you want to taste international dishes, and perhaps even listen to a live performance. The restaurant hosts theme cooking events on a weekly basis. Furthermore, a buffet is open every day of the week, where the food is cooked right in front of you. In order to experience something special, dine out on the terrace. Bell Viure features outdoor tables with a gorgeous pool view. The restaurant is open daily starting with 7.30 am for breakfast.

Enjoy free entertainment
A vacation is not the time to get bored, so check out some of the resort's cool activities. The newly renovated water area features slides for children and adults, but also swim jets. This kids area is perfect if you want your little ones to play in the water and make new friends. The resort offers a Miniclub for children every year from spring until late fall, where table games and other activities are scheduled daily. If you want to read your emails and maybe talk to your friends, head over to the cybercafe.

Play outdoors sports
Outdoors sports are definitely fun in summer, and Iberostar Ciudad Blanca provides a golf course. This course is located around 3 miles away from the main resort. If you want to try something else, practice archery and shooting at the designated location. The hotel also features a large tennis court, volleyball courts, and of course, table tennis. These activities will help you keep in shape, enjoy the weather and bond with your friends. If you want something different one day, visit the hotel's private beach and engage in a one of the exciting water sports.

Visit The Majorca Cathedral
One of the most important tourist attraction in Majorca, The Cathedral, is worth a trip if you stay at Iberostar Ciudad Blanca. Visiting this monument will help you learn more about the city's rich historical roots. The Cathedral is open every day in summer, from 10am and up until 3 pm. The building also features a souvenir shop, so head over there if you are looking for the perfect gifts.

Spend some relaxing moments at the Spa
The hotel's spa is a tranquility oasis that will recharge your spirit. Whenever you feel tired, schedule a massage, facial therapy or aromatherapy session in order to relax. The Spa offers couples therapies, but also makeup and hair-styling services. This is a good place to visit before a big party later that evening. You can lay down and take a look at the sea, while getting pampered with the best treatments available.