Hotel Servatur Waikiki

Hotel Servatur Waikiki

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If you desire a long vacation, opt for an exotic destination like Waikiki. You most likely already know that Waikiki is a fabulous place, but what about the hotel you will be staying at? Don't waste any more time planning, and read about why we visit Hotel Servatur Waikiki. With so many exciting things to see and do you will not want to leave this place anytime soon.

It’s an amazing location
If you want a hotel that is close to the beach and to the city's main attractions, choose Hotel Servatur Waikiki. The resort is about 1 km away from the beach, and suits large families as well as couples. This is the right place to spend a romantic vacation, share some unforgettable moments with your family and check out the main attractions. If you don't feel like laying in the sun all day, visit a historical village like Agüimes or go see the Dunes of Maspalomas.

Dine out at one of the two nice restaurants
Hotel Servatur Waikiki encompasses 2 restaurants where the fun and casual atmosphere will make you feel at home. Both restaurants include a terrace, and you can even sit by the pool and have a drink whenever you feel like. The snack bar is the place to go for drinks, finger foods and of course, ice cream. Enjoy a full continental breakfast, coffee and cakes, but also delicious pastries whenever you want. When you want to go out in the evening, the bars are open until midnight every day. The bars and clubs are also the host for numerous summer festivals and concerts.

Visit a fun theme park
You and your children might enjoy spending some time at one of the nearby theme parks. Visit Aqualand for some hours of fun in the water, or head over to the Crocodile Park instead. Other amusement parks located nearby are Palmitos Park and Holiday World. If you need more info related to the schedules events and activities hosted by the locations, ask at the front desk.

Workout at the hotel's gym
The resort features an extensive gym full of modern equipment. Every guests of Hotel Servatur gets a free pass, and the gym is open at any hour of the day. You can try a new exercise regimen, attend a Yoga class or use the cardio machines. If you are searching for something extra, personal instructors are always ready to help you find the most suitable routine for you.

Book the right vacation package
The resort offers various packages for families or couples. In order to book a package, you will have to visit the hotel's official website. There are many advantages to booking a package, such as getting all inclusive options. Every vacation is different, and Hotel Servatur Waikiki focuses on providing the best experience to each tourist. Couples vacations include champagne, luxurious rooms and romantic dinners on the beach. If you visit with your family, you can get free trips and excursions, as well as tickets to the scheduled events.