What health issues we may face when traveling and how to troubleshoot them

What health issues we may face when traveling and how to troubleshoot them

  • By Mary.A
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Trips can be fun whether they are for business or pleasure. However, there are certain health risks associated with traveling, and you should be aware of them before your trip. Here is some info on what health issues we may face when traveling and how to troubleshoot them.

Stomach problems
Street food looks good and is tempting, but how about all the risks that come with it? Many travelers want to experience the local food and do not pay attention to how clean the place is. Avoid buying street food from vendors that look dirty or overcrowded. Pay attention to how the food is cooked and the water used in washing the vegetables. Furthermore, stay away from tap water and opt for bottled drinks instead. No matter how hungry you are, stick to a restaurant that looks hygienic and clean. If you happen to get sick, buy an electrolyte beverage and keep an antibiotic like Ciprofloxacin on hand.

Bruises and blisters
Many tourists are physically active during a vacation. If you like to hike and climb, you will probably get blisters at some point. In order to avoid that or at least minimize the damage, wear the comfortable shoes you used for a long time. An alternative to that is purchasing a pair of good quality sport shoes that are designed for runners and athletes. Don't wear a new pair on the day of your trip, or during a long excursion. Make sure to also wear cotton socks and have some skin lubricant on you.

Getting the flu
Unfortunately exotic destinations bring the risk of contracting any infection you could possibly think of. Get your vaccines before leaving, and learn more about the country's most common diseases. All these infections have similar symptoms at first, so it may be hard to differentiate. If you get a runny nose and start feeling dizzy go to hospital just to stay on the safe side. A good idea is having some over the counter medicine on you and keep hydrated. A good doze of Vitamin C can also help you fight the infection and boost your immune system.

Jet lag issues
We all experienced that before, and it's not fun having the first days of your vacation ruined. There is not much you can do except getting some sleep when you arrive at your destination. This will help you get used to the local hour and improve your energy levels. Wear sunglasses outside in order to protect your eyes and avoid headaches. Coffee also helps so drink a big cup before starting your day.

Mosquito bites
Mosquitoes are carrier of many diseases, but you can keep them away by using an insect repellent. This spray can be used on your skin or clothes, and generally lasts for around 5 hours. Wear long sleeves whenever possible and try to avoid being out in the open at night. If you got bitten use some alcohol on the area. You will not feel the need to scratch as much anymore and thus heal faster.