How to keep busy during a road trip

How to keep busy during a road trip

  • By Mary.A
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Nobody really imagines they would get bored while on the road, but sometimes this does happen. These are just a handful of tips on how to keep busy during a road trip. Hopefully these will inspire you to find other means of entertainment that you will share with others.

If you happen to travel at night you can learn something new but only if you're well equipped. You will need a smartphone or a tablet and any free app that will teach you show to recognize stars and constellations. This will provide lots of entertainment for younger kids and can positively impress your significant other. You want to use this app out in the middle of nowhere because the sky will be clearer, have more stars to look at, and there isn't any artificial light or buildings to obstruct your view.

Listening to the radio, cassette tapes or CDs seems old fashioned, and you might not even like or have those things anymore. Most folks who upgraded their cars now have the option to listening to podcasts. There are many different options out there to fit the most diverse of tastes. It is best to refrain from listening to audio-books especially when there are several other people in the car with you. Audio books are only good when road traveling as a family.

Playing various games in which everyone can participate, even the driver. These include answering trivia questions or word games. However, don't limit yourselves to old fashioned game playing, but include some prizes for the winner or forms of punishments for the loser. Everyone will be more eager to participate and do well knowing they can choose where or what to eat for tomorrow's breakfast for instance.

Karaoke or singing along is something everyone does in their car, even if others are laughing at this habit. Singing is both relaxing and entertaining enough for everyone to participate in. This form of entertainment is on par with both listening to the podcasts or playing games. Combine the two, and everyone will become more competitive in the blink of an eye.

Paying attention to the road is something that shouldn't be mentioned if you're the driver. However the passengers can also keep an eye opened for various odd or interesting looking objects along the road. Make sure to take pictures and post them later on your social media accounts for your friends and families back home as well. They will surely be inspired to take a road trip as well.

Snap pictures of car plate numbers paying attention they belong to other states. This fun activity is good if you want your attention span to increase and to see just how many other folks are driving the same route as you. If you snap pictures of car plates registered in the same state, you could even use them as an odd statistic which can in turn turn into a long time hobby. Who knows when and where you'll need some first hand information on how many people are driving at a certain point in time. This game is just as interesting in Europe as in USA.