How to protect your SLR camera while traveling

How to protect your SLR camera while traveling

  • By Mary.A
  • Vacations

If you recently bought a brand new camera, you might worry about getting it lost or stolen during holiday. Read on for some tips on how to protect your SLR camera while traveling. These tips can bring you some peace of mind, and help you relax before your much needed vacation.

Pack the camera separately
Your SLR camera will be much safe packed with other fragile items. Pack its pieces separately and keep it in your hand luggage during the flight. When you arrive at your destination, keep the camera in your regular bag instead of buying a special one. A brand new camera bag will only draw more attention to you and thus risk getting it stolen.

Use an old and rusty backpack
The worse your bag looks, the less chances for it to bring any unwanted attention. Your new SLR camera will be safer in your old backpack while you travel. Keep an eye open for anyone who is staring at you a little too much. Blending in with the crowd is advisable when you visit an exotic place for the first time.

Bring your charger
Many travelers forget to bring the charger for their cameras so make sure you don't make this common mistake. However, you don't need to take more than 2 batteries with you. Bringing too many is not even allowed on planes and will only cause extra problems. Keep your camera ready and charged so you can take pictures any time you see something interesting.

Ask a friend for help
Traveling with a friend is much more safe but also convenient. One can take pictures while the other looks around for anything suspicious. Keep your camera around your neck when visiting famous tourist attractions, or hold the backpack in front of you. You and your friend can switch turns with taking pictures as it improves your safety.

Remove the camera labels
The large bold letter will draw attention to your camera in a crowd. Remove those labels before your trip and go low key. Other people will not notice it and thus the chances of having it stolen will diminish. In addition to that, avoid talking about your latest gear to locals or strangers. If you stay at a hostel or motel, make sure to place the camera somewhere safe while sleeping.

Double check your insurance
Every insurance policy is different, so remember to check yours in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Most companies will only refund you if the original receipt is kept. Call the insurance reps and ask them for clarification if needed. If you still have the receipt do not forget to take it with you.

Change your memory sticks
You will probably take a lot of pictures on your vacation but change memory sticks on a constant basis. Purchase a few smaller ones instead of a large one. Don't place all the sticks in one compartment and always make backups.  If you happen to lose something, you can use the backup as a replacement.