Mohonk Mountain House - New York

Mohonk Mountain House - New York

  • By Jane
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New York is not a state commonly associates with a resort, but the state has a few of them that are worth checking out. You should probably first learn a few things about the Mohonk Mountain House - New York, to make sure you’re not going there unprepared.

Come with the little ones
If you have children you might consider taking them with you for the weekend getaway. However not all hotels and resorts accept kids on their grounds. At Mohonk Mountain House the kids stay and eat for free when they sleep in the same room with their parents and are not older than 12.

End your pain
Stress, sitting or standing too much, and wrong body positions can cause a lot of pain. Instead of weakening your stomach with painkillers, you better attend a weekend workshop that aims to put an end to both pain and stress. You need a reservation if you want to attend.

Special events
Everyone has a special event going on in their lives from time to time. Weddings and all sorts of other parties can be organised at this upstate resort. Large, small, or green gatherings, all of them will turn into memories that will last a life time. There are several packages to consider when planning your event.

Exploring the nature is relaxing and a great opportunity to get fresh air. The resort has over 85 miles of hiking trails with various difficulty levels. If you choose a nature walk then you have the possibility of learning more about the environment because a naturalist will join you.

Visit the museum
The Mohonk Barn Museum tells the story of how this resort was founded. You’ll see items that have been used on a daily basis in this resort ever since the 1800s. Carriages dating back to the Victorian era and the 1929 Model A Ford Station Wagon must be among the top items to see.