Omni Mount Washington Resort - New Hampshire

Omni Mount Washington Resort - New Hampshire

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Many important people spent their vacations at this hotel. This comes as no wonder because the views it offers are magnificent, and in addition, there's plenty of things to do here to pass the time. You should learn about some of the reasons a person has to book a room at the Omni Mount Washington Resort - New Hampshire.

There are 2 types of skiing you can try out at this resort: Nordic and alpine. Each style comes with its challenges, but you can be sure the trails are well known among those who love winter sports. Snowboarding is also possible if you don’t like to ski. Take classes if you’re not familiar with either sport.

This resort was used for more than a 100 years to refresh the body and soul. The spa has about 25,000 square and each of its rooms has an amazing mountain view. The spa is opened every day of the week but you might need an appointment to enjoy their treatments.

It is difficult to find a good place for swimming when being close to a mountain. The Omni Mount resort has a heated outdoor pool, an indoor one, and a indoor hot tub. It is obvious you can relax or soak in water no matter the temperature outside.

Good food
Many people worry about their diet while in a vacation. New Hampshire has 5 locations offering steaks, pizzas, wines and cocktails, that will surely satisfy the pickiest eaters out there. Stickney’s Restaurant offers dishes prepared with locally grown ingredients.

Bring your pets
You can bring a maximum of 2 dogs per room, but they will not stay for free. The larger the dog, the more you’ll pay, but at least they will not stay with strangers or with other unfamiliar pets.