Napili Kai Beach Resort - Hawaii

Napili Kai Beach Resort - Hawaii

  • By Jane
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If you want a vacation in Paradise, Hawaii is one of the destinations closest to it. The Napili Kai Beach Resort - Hawaii is one of the nicest locations to stay at while on this island, so let’s learn about some things you can do during your visit.

Go for a swim
The resort has 4 swimming pools, therefore you won’t feel the place is too crowded. Additionally, swimming in the ocean is a better and an even less crowded option. The large whirlpool hot tub is yet another option to enjoy the water.

Visit a preservation site
Honokahua is a really big burial site with more than 900 graves. The best way to learn more about this sacred place is by attending the "Sense of Place" tour organized by the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Visitors are not allowed inside the burial site, only around it. This is a form of showing respect for the locals’ ancestors.

Watching whales
During the colder months of the year, humpback whales migrate to the warmer waters of Hawaii. February and March are the best months to observe these large sea creatures. Going closer than 100 yards to these whales is prohibited, but they can easily be seen from the beach, so you don’t have to break any laws.

Watch the sunrise
Of course there are many nice places in Hawaii to watch the sun rising. There is one location that beats all the others: atop a volcano. Haleakala is a sleeping volcano and offers magnificent views from a height of almost 2 miles.

Maui offers many opportunities of zip lining to those who love a thrilling experience. Of course, this adventure shouldn’t be tried out by those with a fear of heights. However, if you wanted to experience it with your significant other at the same time, now’s your chance because here is the only double and parallel zip line on the island.