Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa

5 reasons to visit Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa

  • By Alan S
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Do you want to know 5 reasons to visit Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa? If you just answered with yes, and you got intrigued, then this is your lucky day: you’ll find them below!

Go on a desert safari
There are several companies offering a desert safari and they usually consist of similar activities. Some of the activities are included in the fee, others are extras. You’ll usually be able to ride a camel, go to a desert camp where food, beverages, music, and dancing can be enjoyed. The safari usually starts in the afternoon and ends at 9pm.

Eat some interesting dishes
The best way to enjoy the country you’re in is by trying its traditional recipes prepared in an authentic way. Luckily for all tourists, this is something really easy to experience - the trick is not to go to the restaurants’ of the hotels, but any other.

Go to the spa
If the previous day out and about got you tired, then now it’s time for the spa. The Al Maha hotel has its own spa where full relaxation and rejuvenation are given results. If you choose a package deal, you’ll surely benefit of several treatments that will restore your well being.

Go to the zoo
The closest zoo you can pay a visit to is Al Ain Zoo. If you want to experience something that you won’t have the chance doing at all zoos, then try the giraffe feeding experience. Other exhibits include various gazelle species, reptiles, and diverse birds.

Hold a meeting here
This hotel is luxurious enough for business meetings. Weddings, anniversaries, and conferences are other types of events that can be organized here. The weddings can be held outdoors and all events can only have up to 120 people attending.  If you have people who cannot attend, use the online video conference option made available here.