The Omnia

5 reasons to visit The Omnia

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Switzerland is well known for its many ski resorts, so choosing one of them can be difficult. These are 5 reasons to visit The Omnia hotel.

Dining experience before anything else
The chef of this hotel is really passionate about what he’s doing, and you can see it in the dishes he prepares.  You can also choose where to enjoy your food: on the terrace, in your room, or by the fireplace - these are some of your options. You’ll clearly have to let the staff know of your choice, but the experience will make you feel less constricted.

There’s a spa!
Unless you’re told or go there, you might not know there is a spa at this hotel. Its wellness center comes with both indoor and outdoor pools that can be used year-round, as the outdoors pool is heated. Detoxifying in the sauna or getting a well deserved massage are two ways of a good time away from home.

Plan a meeting
Not everyone travels to go on a vacation: many travel for business purposes. If you’re tight on time, have people come to your hotel to conduct business. The Omnia hotel has 2 meeting rooms where discussing important matters is both discreet and comfortable.

Stroll in a car-free town
Life can take a whole new meaning when you’re forced to give up your personal car. You’ll be able to discover this new meaning once you reach Zermatt, a town where cars are banned. Of course it will be a little odd at first, but you might get used to it.

Close to the border
This hotel is rather close to the Italian border if you want to see as many countries as possible. Paying short visits to Italy seems easier than ever before when staying at The Omnia hotel. Just make sure to have the passport with you.