Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

5 reasons to visit Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Do you want to stay at a hotel that is so comfortable you’ll nearly feel like at home? Then you will probably want to book a room at the Hanoi La Siesta, and discover other 5 reasons to visit Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa.

Go to the movies
It is well known that most hotels around the world don’t own their own cinema room. The one at Hanoi has 20 seats, HD sound and video, and a movie library with more than 300 titles. Additionally, you can watch TV shows and various sport events or even have a conference here.

Go on a daily tour
Not everyone decides to visit another country in an organized group. For these traveler, some hotels paired up with agencies that offer daily tours to popular tourist locations. YOu can go on a walking tour in the morning to explore the City of Hanoi, for a street food tour, or to various villages and pagodas. make sure to ask the staff about these tours.

To relax at the spa
Everyone knows that women from Vietnam are beautiful. The people are friendly and seem happy no matter through how many hardships they pass. Perhaps a day at the spa will reveal the secrets to how they do it. If you won’t find out how, you’ll surely benefit from a wonderful massage and various beauty treatments that leave your skin glowing.

Keeping your fitness level
If your number one worry is related to missing a few gym appointments, you can relax. This hotel has a wonderful fitness center where both cardio and strength workout routines can be performed at your own pace.

Learn how to cook
If you had a dish you particularly liked, chances are you might be able to learn how to make it at the hotel’s restaurant. Both children and adults can learn how to cook amazing dishes from Vietnam, so ask the staff about these classes.