Tokoriki Island Resort

5 reasons to visit Tokoriki Island Resort

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Do you want to visit one of the top 20 resorts for the year 2016? Do you want to know some of the things that will keep you busy during your vacation? If you answered with yes to either question, or both, read these 5 reasons to visit Tokoriki Island Resort found in Fiji.

Lots of water related activities
If you love water, you’ll have plenty of things to try out. You can test your balance with stand-up paddle boards, your breathing with daily snorkeling, or even a day on the boat with a glass bottom. Windsurfing, kayaking, and swimming are other water related sports you can enjoy.

You’ll be helping the environment
This resort started in 2003 to take measures related to the conservation of local environment.This is done through raising awareness and educating children in local schools. The biggest project that is underway is the restoration of the giant clam that can grow to the size of a baby’s bathtub!

Add more romance to your holiday
You can get married here or choose to spend your honeymoon. Some folks prefer an exotic location to propose. Whatever your choice might be, you can rest assured everything will be taken care of so that you’ll only have great memories of your time here.

Relax at the spa
For many, a vacation is not complete without a day at the spa. Make sure to ask about the unlimited massage menu - a wonderful package for those who want their vacation to be truly relaxing. One of the most amazing experiences is the massage at sunrise offered to couples.

Other relaxing activities
Some people want to go places and do stuff that don’t require much effort. Basket weaving, reading, cultural entertainemnt or the international crab races, seem to be activities fitting into this category. No matter what you choose, be sure it will inspire you to try out other new things in the future.