Baraza Resort & Spa

5 reasons to visit Baraza Resort & Spa

  • By Alan S
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Do you need 5 reasons to visit Baraza Resort & Spa, or is one more than enough? If you want just one reason, then know you’ll be staying at a family owned resort. If you want 5, read on!

Have an exotic start in your life
And we mean, in your married life. The Baraza Resort is an exotic place surrounded by palm trees where your wedding couldn’t fit more. If you already got married, but you need a place for your honeymoon, then this is again the perfect place for it. It is more common after all for couples to spend their honeymoons in anexotic location.

Learn more about the country
There are very few people who know things about the country they visit, and Tanzania is really low on that list. However, you can go to the resort’s library and read some history books. Additionally, you can take some Swahili language or palm weaving classes, if you want a better understanding of the locals’ lives.

You’re helping the community
If you’re coming from a so called first world country, you probably take some stuff for granted, such as access to a clinic equipped with modern technology. In Tanzania, this is something difficult to find, but this resort is doing what it can to support a local maternity clinic.

Visit the village
The aforementioned classes will not be enough to give you an appropriate picture of how the people of Zanzibar live. A visit to a local community is a better option in this regard. You’ll be learning about the kids’ school life, about how shopping is done, as well as other interesting and important aspects of the locals’ daily life.

Learn how to cook local dishes
If you like to find out how locals cook their meals, and which are their staple dishes, all you have to do is say so. Your teachers will be the resort’s chefs, but worry not as the dishes and ingredients will be as authentic as they get.