Bellevue Syrene

5 reasons to visit Bellevue Syrene

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Italy is a country visited by millions every year, and there are many cities that have many things to offer especially when it comes to history. Here are just 5 reasons to visit Bellevue Syrene.

The view
This house built sometime in the 1700s has an amazing sea view. The view can be enjoyed from the rooms’ windows, from the pool, and of course from the hotel’s beach.

To go to the spa
The wellness center offers face and body treatments that are meant to make you feel refreshed and with a radiant complexion. If you want to chase the tiredness away for a longer period of time, then a massage is in place. However, the hammam ritual is well known to offer you peace of mind to a deeper level.

Getting married
France and Italy are thought to be the most romantic countries out there. Planning a wedding in Italy is seen as luxurious and exotic. Having your big day at the Bellevue Syrene means you’ll also have a wedding planner that loves working with people. Your wedding planner also loves to  make sure everything is on point during this romantic moment in your life.

For the events
There are several types of events organized across the City of Sorrento. The best period to visit the city is between December and February, or more specifically since the huge Christmas tree in Piazza Tasso lights up and until the Carnival. Some of the events during this period became a tradition now and many people enjoy them.

To learn some history
The city is very old and filled with history. The area of the Old Town is especially interesting and beautiful to visit. One should definitely stop by the Chiesa di San Francesco even if they’re not a believer. The church dates back to the 14th century.