The Singular Patagonia

5 reasons to visit The Singular Patagonia

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

The Singular Patagonia hotel is well known across the South American continent, and you should read these 5 reasons to visit The Singular Patagonia before rejecting the idea of booking a room there.

Because of the fjords
Fjords are associated with Northern Europe, but you can have the same view right here, in Chile. As a bonus, no matter which room you book, it will offer a view to this amazing natural formation. You can admire them from afar, or you can get closer by boat. The hotel has two high speed boats that you can rent to go see the fjords better.

An interesting spa experience
The spa at The Singular Patagonia hotel focuses in a water therapy, and each session is carefully customized for each guest. The spa is equipped with indoor and outdoor pool that is maintained at an optimal temperature throughout the year. You can also go check out the sauna and the steam room.

An equally interesting meal
If you choose to eat at the hotel’s restaurant, then you should know all the ingredients are locally grown, including the fruits, vegetables, and meat. You’ll be able to enjoy both traditional recipes, but original creations as well. Some of the traditional dishes have a unique touch of freshness - can you tell the difference?

Visit ancient caves
The caves are 25 km away from the hotel and they some of the oldest in South America. Upond discovery, they revealed human presence for at least 12,000 years. The trip to these caves lasts for half a day, and the fee includes a guide and even a packed lunch.

There are many options to try out kayaking. Most of these chances involve day and half day trips around the village and the fjords. Some of the trips will take you various villages located close by.