Canaves Oia Hotel

5 reasons to visit Canaves Oia Hotel

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Seeing a few pictures of Canaves Oia Hotel might be enough to make you wanna go there. There are other things to enjoy there as well, so read on some 5 reasons to visit Canaves Oia Hotel.

A wedding to remember
It is very common for people these days to take pictures of their wedding, or even videos. If you decide to host yours here, the photos will have an amazing backdrop with mountains in the distance and with the Aegean sea in between. If it’s a fairy-tale wedding something you want, here it’s the place where it can become reality!

Catamaran sailing
Not everyone has the chance of going out at sea to sail, but the Canaves Oia Hotel you can do just that. The sailing trips can be enjoyed with your partner, family or friends. The catamaran have various sizes, therefore being able to host a different amount of people.

Is this the best spa?
Finding the best spa out there might be a bit of a challenge especially since everyone experiences the same treatment differently. The spa at this hotel is different because the sessions happen to have an amazing view and can happen right under the sun without being afraid someone is looking.

Take some yoga classes
If you want to try yoga for the first time a vacation is a perfect place and time to do so. There are several locations specially created for yoga. They are very peaceful, have the same amazing sea and mountains view, and help you reconnect with yourself better than any other place.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of all the water surrounding you. While you could go and swim in the sea, better enjoy the infinity pool at the hotel. This is a really big pool and a part of it is covered - perfectly designed for those who want to stay in the water but not under the hot sun.