The Milestone Hotel

5 reasons to visit The Milestone Hotel

  • By Alan S
  • Traveler's Choice Hotels

Many see London like a posh city they would love to at least visit. These are 5 reasons to visit The Milestone Hotel, located almost in the heart of London, UK.

You’ll almost feel like part of the royal family
The hotel is build next to the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge therefore you might get a glimpse of someone with royal blood in their veins. You might have to wait the whole day looking out the window, but at least your trip will be something to remember. Remember that only some of the rooms have the Kensington Gardens in view.

An authentic English atmosphere
Better said, the English atmosphere is as close to what people from other countries think it would be. In any case, you’ll never want to leave the cozy seat by the fireplace. The feeling might get even stronger knowing that upon arrival you’re offered a cup of hot chocolate that you can switch for a cup of hot tea instead.

Sealed remote control
Our hands, money, and hotel remote controls are among the things that collect most germs. If you’re feeling sick at the thought, you should know that The Milestone hotel placed their remote controls in sealed plastic bags. By doing so, they’re easier to clean and have the germs removed - isn’t this great?

Going to the theater
London is one of the cities most associated with theater so if you’re in town, you should try go see a play or two. If you’re staying at this hotel, reaching any theater will also be easy - just ask the hotel’ staff.

Good service
Many previous guests have been impressed by the fast service of the hotel. Not only the staff was quick in solving the guests’ problems, but they were friendly too. Getting used to their South African accents might take some time though.