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Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

Top 10 reasons to visit Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

How many reasons do you need to decide on going somewhere you’ve never been to before? Is the below top 10 reasons to visit Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens, enough?

Beauty treatments at the spa
You might want to stop by the spa after all the excursions you had: the treatments will help you relax even more.

In the mood for a wedding?
If you want to get married, this location is perfect for this important life step. There are at least two packages to choose from: for the couple, or for a party of ten. Clearly, if you have good negotiating skills, you might adjust the package to your needs.

Where do you spend your honeymoon?
Did you get married and haven’t decided on where to spent your honeymoon? The Nayara Hotel is the perfect choice given its location and adventures it offers. This hotel has been voted among the top 5 most romantic in the world, therefore you should check it out!

Adventures to the volcano
The hotel offers a standard volcano adventure package for two people staying 4 nights. There are many things offered and included in this package and if you choose it you might cut down on some of the expenses. Ziplining and a hot springs visit are just two of the attractions, beside the volcano.

Flying on a zipline
This is an adventure with an extreme difficulty level and as such not recommended for just anyone. There are two ways of reaching the ziplines: either trekking or taking the sky tram. The differences are obvious: one gets you tired and the other offers amazing views from high above.

A canopy tour or two
The canopy tour is similar to ziplining, however the thought of having secured platforms to take off from and to land on, might make you feel safer. There are 10 zip lines for this tour and their length varies from nearly 200 feet to over 1000 feet.

Rafting is a whole day adventure with a high level of difficulty. The experience includes an authentic Costa Rican lunch cooked at home and a bus ride. There are two rivers you can choose from for rafting, and one of them appears to be a little bit less difficult.

If you want to enjoy nature, biking is one of the best ways to do it. The downside is that if you want to go in the National Park, you can’t take your bike in. Instead you’re advised to bike around it: there’s still plenty of nature and fresh air to take advantage of.

Riding an ATV
There are many people who like to ride an ATV. The fee for this adventure includes insurance and a guide. The tour lasts for 3 hours and will bring you to a lake that still contains some sulphur from the volcanic activity. The lake’s name is  Los Lagos de los Lirios.

Riding a horse

A horseback ride is an adventure with a medium difficulty level. This activity is guided, goes through the rainforest and will take you to a waterfall. You’re advised to bring your swimsuit and a towel as you’ll be able to bath at the bottom of the waterfall.