Arenas Del Mar

Top 10 reasons to visit Arenas Del Mar

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

If you’ve never been to a country like Costa Rica, here are top 10 reasons to visit Arenas Del Mar in Costa Rica.

For the spa
Going to Las Brisas spa will definitely make you feel young and fresh. There are several treatments offered, and they can be ordered individually or as a package where you get a discount. The staff is more than happy to help you choose the right treatment for your skin type and other possible problems, such as allergies.

For your honeymoon
Costa Rica is a really nice place for a honeymoon as it has exotic landscapes, ocean, nice sandy beaches, and a laid back, romantic atmosphere. What else could you wish for?

Birds are really nice looking creatures. The Manuel Antonio National Park is home to more than 180 different types of birds. Spotting a few each day is not difficult, so if you want some nice photos, make sure to have the camera handy. The best time to see them is in the morning though.

There are many hiking tours offered, and even though they might seem similar, by the end of the day you’ll see they are not. For instance you can choose any or all: group, private or night walks for starters, on or off property.

Learn how to cook
Without food we wouldn’t be alive, and knowing how to make some foods for yourself is essential knowledge. You won’t learn to make just any food, but authentic and old fashion tortilla that will be able to eat still in the old fashioned way: with a cup of coffee or agua dulce.

Learn how to surf
Surfing always looks cool from a distance, and perhaps some surfers are more popular because of their passion. Now you can learn how to surf like a pro, get a nicely tanned and toned body as long as you’re not scared of water. The teachers speak two languages and can show basic moves to anyone of any age.

Rafting, anyone?
Rafting is recommended only to adults, as it’s a dangerous sport. There are two tours offered, one with a medium difficulty level and a difficult one. Experienced tour guides say the whole family can experience the  medium difficulty rafting tour, but they warn it will last the whole day.

How about a zipline tour?
Ziplining is one type of adventure you should experience if you want to see the forest from above. This is a tour that lasts for half a day, but all departures take place before 10am. The tour include breakfast or lunch, a suspended bridge and a Tarzan swing - all of these are beside the 9 ziplines found here.

Becoming more ecofriendly
Recycling is one way of showing eco-friendliness, but this resort took things further by implementing all sorts of other measures meant to reduce pollution. These include cleaning products of all types that are biodegradable, finding solution to water waste, using items made of recycled goods, and not only. Teaching locals and encouraging tourists to maintain this lifestyle is another solution.

Support school children
Education is important for a better future, however the locals around this resort are too poor to send their kids to school. The Arenas Del Mar resort is raising funds for several communities and schools alike to provide children with basic education.