Hotel Punta Islita

Top 10 reasons to visit Hotel Punta Islita

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

This is where you’ll learn the top 10 reasons to visit Hotel Punta Islita in Costa Rica. This top will help you plan your next vacation.

A beach wedding ceremony sound romantic for many couples. Furthermore, you can even have the reception on the beach, if you so like. You can have your family or friends as attendees, or it can be just the two of you.

Sustaining the local communities
Traveling should help the communities in the middle of which you will be staying for a few days. This hotel makes sure the several communities surrounding it receive all the help they could need, including offering them jobs.

The views seen while suspended from a zipline are always amazing. The zipline trips offered at this hotel criss-cross over a deep canyon and as such, they’re full of adrenaline. Don’t worry though, as each end of a line is well secured on platforms.

Try out your art skills
There is an art museum created by the hotel together with the communities around, for everyone to enjoy local art. If you feel artistic enough you can try out your skills at painting, candle or keychain making. You can take the candle or keychain home with you.

There are two guided hiking tours you can choose from, or that are most popular: the brisk morning hike and the dusk adventure. Each of them gives the opportunity to spot different wildlife and they’re a good way of starting or ending your day.

Go see some monkeys
Trying to spot monkeys is an easy task in Costa Rica, however you’re better off with a tour guide. They will help you spot the loudest land creatures and see them closer through a telescope. Monkeys are wild animals and you better keep your distance.

Try and find turtles
This is another guided tour as it happens at night. Your goal is to spot sea turtles as they emerge from the water and they go to find a safe place to lay their eggs. A special red light lamp is used as not to scare the turtles.

Learn to cooking a new dish
If you want to learn how to cook something new, traditional and authentic, this is your chance! The chef at the hotel’s restaurant is friendly and willing to show you how to make a rice pudding or a ceviche, and anything in between. 

Play some golf
No matter you know how to play golf or not, you can try your swing right here. The golf Pro of this hotel will make sure to show you some techniques to help you win faster. All beginners are also welcomed.

Learn how to play soccer
Most if not all people in Costa Rica love soccer, and if you want to make some new friends you better learn how’s played as well. The Islita soccer field is waiting for you and whoever else came with you for a friendly game to get you started. This sport is great for team players and for those who want to burn a few calories.