Sol & Luna Lodge Spa

Top 10 reasons to visit Sol & Luna Lodge Spa

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

If you were searching for top 10 reasons to visit Sol & Luna Lodge Spa in Peru, then you came to the right place, so read on!

Yoga and Tai Chi
These two ancient forms of movement and meditation can really relax and rebalance your energies and state of mind. The lessons are available on request and a minimum of two people are needed for a class. These classes can be attended by anyone, regardless of their level.

Seminars and other business related meetings
Those who want to expand their business with new branches need a place to meet their future partners. A cozy auditorium is just the right place to do so, especially if it is equipped with the latest technology for good video and audio presentations.

The spa treatments are not included in your fare and all appointments need to be made in advance. The staff is experienced and knows which treatments are better suited for each skin type. Of course, there are a good variety of products to choose from to make you look and feel younger.

If you want to know more about the Inca civilization a trip to some of the archaeological sites around the Sol y Luna lodge is a good place to start. Want to see the infamous Machu Picchu? You’re in luck as the lodge is really close to it. Additionally, a few other sites are near and they might have less tourists and you can enjoy them better.

Swim a little
For many, a true vacation is when swimming is available. If you want to swim, but then you remember you’re somewhere up in the mountains, it means you forgot about the pool. This lodge has an outdoors pool and it can be used as long as the weather allows it.

You can buy lots of pretty stuff to remind of this wonderful holiday in Peru. You can stop by the store at the lodge, or go into town to find more options. Everyone seems to recommend the items made of Alpaca hair or any other item made by the Andean people.

Ziplining is an amazing experience no matter where you try it out. You have to first get to Natura Vive and then select one of the 7 ziplines available. The views they offer are simply breathtaking. The guides are experienced with a wide range of age groups, therefore kids can also try this out.

Visit a cave
Gran Caverna is one of the caves that you can go check out if dark places don’t scare you. According to everyone going to the Gran Caverna the trip is filled with beautiful scenery, therefore you need the camera with you.

Go to a museum
Museo Inkariy has a lot of information on all the civilizations that lived or still  live in the area. There are a lot of original objects in the collection of this museum and their beauty and insight into the past rivals well known museums around the world.

Go on an eco tour
While a visit to well known Machu Picchu was already mentioned, try visiting it while going on an eco tour as it is far more interesting and educational.