Iberostar Praia do Forte

Top 10 reasons to visit Iberostar Praia do Forte

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Have you been recommended Praia do Forte for your next trip abroad and you have no idea if you’re going to like it? This top 10 reasons to visit Iberostar Praia do Forte will help you realize just that.

Castle Tower of Garcia D'Avila
This is the oldest castle build by the Portuguese in Brazil: it dates back to 1551. You should have a guide when visiting as everything is written in Portuguese and if you don’t speak it you’re left with just taking nice pictures and videos.

Shopping in Guarajuba
This small town is located some 10 miles away from the Iberostar hotel in Praia do Forte. Here you’ll find small shops where one of a kind items are sold, as well as restaurants and other places where you can eat.

Go to the humpback whale center
The humpback whales are amazing animals and this is the place where you can learn a bit more about them. Furthermore, visitors are also taught how to act while they’re in the ocean as to preserve the lives in it, and to be safe at the same time.

Go to Santo Antonio beach
Ask for directions and prepare for a dirt road trip to get there. There is a small village where time has forgotten to visit. You’ll eat possibly the best of local food, see people going about their daily routines, and a village where all the streets are covered in sand.

Go touring
There are several small business in Praia do Forte offering various tours around the area. The best of them must be the one where you ride the quads through the jungle and then stopping for some canoeing. You should be receiving helmets and two guides.

Perfect wedding venue
If you think you’re ready for this big step, then you could celebrate the union at Iberostar. All you have to do is talk to the staff about it and then wait for it to become reality. The most romantic wedding you could hope for could be yours!

Burn some calories
If you feel like you ate too much, it is time to work out and help burn the extra calories faster. The gym at the hotel has ellipticals and treadmills, but other type of sports equipment as well. It is up to you to start a different lifestyle or not.

Play some golf
A 72 par and 18 holes golf course is waiting for you no matter how well can you play or not. This sport is rather fun and relaxing. Unfortunately this experience is not included in your stay, and you need a reservation. If you like golf, at least you know you can play it.

Beach soccer or volleyball
Those who prefer team sports can try one of these two. Playing them on the beach is more challenging than on their regular surfaces, but much more fun!

Archery and riflery

These two sports help you concentrate and coordinate your eyes with your arms and fingers better. If you want to see who is the best in a group, this sport if for you.