Tambo del Inka Resort & Spa

Top 10 reasons to visit Tambo del Inka Resort & Spa

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

These are the top 10 reasons to visit Tambo del Inka Resort & Spa in Peru if you were curious about what you’re going to do should you come here.

You can earn free nights
By using affiliated websites and smartphone applications you can earn points that you can transform into free nights. Who doesn’t wish to stay for longer in a beautiful place?

Stay fit
The fitness center of this resort offers everything you need to stay in shape, or to change your lifestyle and start living healthier. If you want a personal trainer, it can also be arranged. If you think you might get bored during your session, check out the entertainment center in the gym.

Awesome wedding destination
If you plan on getting married in South America, you might as well do it here. The events staff is experienced and can provide everything you might need for the big day. There are wedding packages for you to choose from and you can invite up to 160 people.

A nice honeymoon destination
If you got married you need to go away on a honeymoon as well. If the wedding happened here and you even earned some free nights, why not staying here and enjoy it? The Tambo del Inka resort sure has some honeymoon offers as well, so check them out.

Machu Picchu
This famous Incan city is about 40 km away and it would be a shame not to stop by to explore it a little. What you’ll see the most are the amazing views and specific Inca architecture at its best. Make sure not to forget your camera.

Other Incan sites
Some people say there are just too many tourists visiting Machu Picchu, and they prefer seeing less known Inca sites. One of them is the very mysterious Moray ruins - a series of circular and terraced structures found 24 km away from the resort.

It doesn’t matter you’re a guy or a girl, that you want a massage, facial or body treatment: this spa has it all. You can even endure a shiatsu or a reflexology session if you feel brave enough. You can even choose on of the packages specially designed for couples.

Support the nature
Everything used around the resort is well thought about beforehand: the items are either made of recycled materials or do not pollute. Additionally, the way electricity and water are used ensure no waste is created. You might even learn more about how to use similar practices back home.

Swimming pool
The resort has a swimming pool that is partially covered. The water is heated at all times, therefore you can ignore the weather outside and just jump in. No matter from where you choose to enjoy the pool, make sure to check out the view it offers as well.

You cannot prove you were on a vacation if you don’t bring home a souvenir or two. The City of Cusco is the best place to go hunt for authentic treasures. Street food is something you won’t regret buying, or a hat or two.