Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa

Top 10 reasons to visit Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Have you ever wanted to visit Nicaragua but you had no idea of where to find accommodation? This top 10 reasons to visit Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa might just give you a hint or two.

Spa treatments
All spa treatments must be booked, but you’ll be happy you did so as there will be no waiting time. There is a special place for each treatment style, however all the ingredients are native to Nicaragua. Luckily, the resort’s website presents each experience so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Play golf like a pro
The golf course features 18 holes and welcomes players of all golf skill levels as well. Beginners will have the chance to learn the right way of swinging while those with more experience will improve theirs. The views are spectacular and worth taking a picture of.

Try some surfing
If really doesn’t matter you never learned how to surf, as you can attend your very first lesson here! There are lessons for all skill levels and the guests who already can surf can request to be guided to the best waves in the area. You can rent the board, so no worries there.

Go on a private Flor de Cana tour
This tour will unlock the secrets of making some of the best rum in the world. This tour includes a helicopter ride to the sugarcane plantation, rum tasting, as well as visits to a few bodegas where Flor de Cana rum is sold. Even kids can enjoy parts of this tour.

Bring the kids with you
As you might have guessed, kids are welcomed at this resort. There are several facilities designed specially for them, like air conditioned rooms and a kids pool. All their activities are supervised by professionals, therefore you have little to worry about their safety.

Go birdwatching
Bird lovers will be thrilled to learn about the birding tours available here. He tours take place in the morning as that’s when most bird activity happens. Seeing many rare birds is a given in this tour and many of them are native to Nicaragua.

Visit Granada
Almost everyone must have heard of the City of Granada founded in 1524 as it is the oldest city in America. You must have the camera with you to photograph the amazing colonial architecture. Of course, other surprises also await here, especially when it comes to shopping and food.

Try ash boarding
This is a new extreme sport that you can’t experience just about anywhere. This sport is similar to snowboarding, and it happens at a high speed thanks to the steepness of the volcano. Your adventure starts in the morning with a short helicopter flight over to the Cerro Negro Volcano.

Are you interested in a wedding?
A wedding ceremony and party in a country like Nicaragua is not something to experience everyday. All wedding packages are personalized because every bride wants an unique wedding and has a specific image of this important event.

Go fishing
It doesn’t matter when you visit Mukul as it offers fishing opportunities year round. The fishing tours are offered daily either as half day or full day experience.