Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort

Top 10 reasons to visit Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Ever wanted to go to an exotic place where not too many tourists go? Isla Margarita in Venezuela might be the right place for you! Here you can read the top 10 reasons to visit Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort found there.

Swim to your heart’s desire
Whether you choose to swim in the ocean or in one of the resort’s swimming pools, is up to you, but it’s nice to know you can swim all you want. You can also just soak up the sun while enjoying a drink if you’re not much of a swimmer.

We all dreamed to be a rockstar at a point in our lives, and usually going to karaoke is one way of making that dream come true. Not everyone has a good singing voice, and many overestimate themselves, but this activity still offers a wonderful way of having fun.

Play some tennis
Do you like table or field tennis more? Regardless, you can play either one of them by going to the appropriate area. There are 5 tennis courts waiting for players, and for a fee you can even play at night. Either tennis style is sure to make your heart pump and make you feel better.

Book a spa treatment
The spa is a place where people go in search for some quiet and relaxing time while getting pampered. There are various options therapies you can check out to make you feel like you really are on a holiday.

Do you want to bring the kids?
Many people have children and would like to spend the holidays together as family. Not all hotels and resorts created ways for children to have a great time as well, but the staff at Dunes Hotel did. An array of children appropriate activities and spaces were created for you to worry less.

Get a makeover
There are people who don’t really feel relaxed without getting a makeover as well. The hairdresser at the hotel is a good place to have something done to your if you think you damaged it too much by staying a lot in the sun or water.

Swimming with dolphins
This is an activity anyone can enjoy, though it is not suitable for kids under the age of 8. The experience is usually available through the local tour operators, but it is one that few have the chance of participating in. Touching the dolphins is permitted and the session lasts a little over half an hour.

Half day fishing tour
If you’d like to see how locals catch fish these days, you might want to book a tour that will show just this. You’ll be able to catch various types of fish using a fishing rod and nylon. If you don’t like to fish, you can still go on this tour for some snorkeling.

Scuba diving experience
Everyone would like to see for themselves what does the ocean look like under the surface, and scuba diving does just that. Everyone can have their first scuba diving lessons on the spot for a wonderful time in Venezuela. Ask the staff about this adventure.

Go shopping
You can’t be on a vacation without going home without a souvenir or two. There are several gift shops where you can stop and search for something unique.