Llao Llao Hotel & Resort

Top 10 reasons to visit Llao Llao Hotel & Resort

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Argentina is a beautiful country, and if you plan a trip there you need a place to stay at. This top 10 reasons to visit Llao Llao Hotel & Resort in San Carlos de Bariloche can give you an idea.

Relax at the spa
Going to the spa is something many of us see as a reward after a stressful period, to speed up relaxation. The spa here offers various packages and are specially designed with an array of needs in mind. Couples and children too can enjoy the spa, in the specially created areas.

Coming with the kids
It is more than certain that your children would like to join you on your holiday. The Llao Llao Hotel designed an array of fun activities for kids based on their needs. Indoor, educational, or health related experiences are all possible, just have a look on the site!

Year round activities
Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere and this means the seasons are reversed. That being said, this hotel made sure to offer accommodation to everyone visiting no matter the season. If you want to swim, make sure you have the gear as the indoor pool will welcome you.

Ski classes
Some people never got the chance of learning how to ski. If you want to learn how to snowboard you can do that as well. All skiing related activities take place at the Mt. Catedral resort which has area specially designed for each skill level. Various types of skiing are also available and possible.

Pilates or stretching?
The hotel has various classes for those who want to feel more in tune with their inner selves. The guests can choose from classes for pilates, stretching, yoga, aerobics, and can even attend the hydrogym. All of these sessions have an instructor and they’re not the only available options.

Try archery
The bow and arrow have always been used for hunting, but these days they’re used mostly in archery - a sport in its own right. You can take archery lessons if you choose to stay at the Llao Llao Hotel to test your vision and accuracy.

Want to try rappelling?
Rappelling is an activity for those who are not scared of heights. It happens on a cliff over the lake, it includes an instructor and all the needed gear. This is a free daily experience, and as such it would be a pity not to give it a shot.

Do you want to play some golf?
There are 2 golf courses with 18 holes each where you can put your skills to the test. Furthermore, there are two additional golf courses with a twist: one of them is full of obstacles and the other one has nets to score goals - how exciting!

Rent a canoe or a kayak
The boats for these activities are generally made for 2 people and even children can try them out. Those who have never been in a canoe or kayak before will easily find friendly staff willing to teach them everything they need to know.

If you want to go fishing, you need to know this activity is done on private cruises starting in November and till April. There are two methods used: trolling and fly casting. You won’t need to bring your fishing gear as this pastime is not included in your stay, and as such you’ll be able to rent everything you need.