El Silencio Lodge & Spa

Top 10 reasons to visit El Silencio Lodge & Spa

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

If you’re searching for a place to stay at in Costa Rica, here you can read top 10 reasons to visit El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Possible wedding venue
Not many wedding ceremonies have the possibility of backgrounds with clouded forests, waterfalls, or stunning mountains. If you choose to have yours here, you will have a romantic dream wedding ceremony and party with everything included.

Spa treatments
The professionals at the Esencia Spa use ingredients that can only be found around Costa Rica to create the best experience you could ask for. Massages, body wraps and various facial treatments are available for you to choose and fully relax.

Practice some yoga
The area designed specially for yoga is on a deck and is surrounded by a thick tropical forest and right by a creek. If you want to practice some yoga poses just with the instructor, you need to make arrangements well in advance. Check out the special Yoga events as well.

Go see a waterfall
You need to hike to see one of the tree waterfalls near the El Silencio lodge. All these hikes are guided and come with a walking stick - you’ll be grateful you took it. The guides are experienced and knowledgeable, and you'll learn several new things from the trip.

Shopping for food?
A traditional Costa Rican market is a really good place to go hunt for the best food ingredients. With a little luck you will learn some Spanish and spend money given by the concierge to get the stuff needed for the delicious Olla de Carne.

Learn to cook?
If you’re curious enough you might even learn how to cook the above mentioned meal, isn’t this great? These two experiences are not only perfect for those who like to cook, but for those who never cooked anything in their lives as well. You’ll surely impress your friends back home.

Try a painting session
Painting is something anyone can do, and the thing you’re encouraged to paint is an oxcart wheel. The oxcart wheel is a traditional image in Costa Rica that comes in many designs but most of them feature flowers and birds. Orange is the mostly used color.

Plant a tree
You can plant a tree in your backyard as well, however doing so while on a vacation will give it more meaning. Planting a tree is a ceremony included in your stay. The gesture helps the planet and with bringing back birds like the Quetzal.

Learn more about coffee
Coffee enthusiasts will surely love this experience. You’ll learn how the conditions under which the coffee plant grows influence everything about the liquid’s taste, strength, and aroma. The end of the tour is marked by coffee tasting, so why not going?

Go on a chocolate tour
This is possibly the most delicious tour you could go on. You’ll learn almost everything about how the cocoa fruit transforms into the world’s best dessert, and see it happen in front of your eyes. You can even make your own chocolate with your favorite ingredients, so what are you waiting for?