Iberostar Bahia

Top 10 reasons to visit Iberostar Bahia

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Brazil is a dream destination for many people. If you don’t know where to go perhaps Praia do Forte is a nice idea. These are the top 10 reasons to visit Iberostar Bahia located there.

Have fun in the water
It doesn’t matter you want to bathe in the ocean or swim in the pool. Both options are available and you don't even have a lot to walk: the hotel is conveniently built right next to the beach. All you have to do is having as much fun as possible.

For a dream wedding
If you decided to get married and you haven’t done it yet, you can just plan on having it here. You need to book the event in advance and choose one of the available packages: the designated staff will certainly take care of everything else.

Come as a family
The hotel created all sorts of activities for children of ages between 4 and 17, however they access to the areas designed for their age. There’s even a kids’ pool in shape of a butterfly. You can rest assured the younger members of the family will not get bored.

Want to swing your golf club?
The hotel has its own golf course and you’re free to use it if you want. You also don’t need to make a reservation, but you should ask the front desk assistant if it’s opened or to find out other details.

How about some tennis?
Not many people have the patience for golfing, and they prefer tennis. The Iberostar Bahia has 2 tennis courts with a hard surface where you can play to your heart’s desire. The front desk assistant will be able to offer more information if needed.

Do you prefer basketball?
Many people prefer team work than playing on their own. Playing basketball will give the opportunity of making more friends as you’ll have to build teams to play. The basketball court is right next to the tennis courts.

Take up archery
Archery is an activity taking place on Mondays and even children might try it. This activity is good for those who want to improve the coordination between their arms and eyes. Archery is also good for those who want a better posture and stronger arms.

Visit an aquarium
The Projeto Tamar is an aquarium near your hotel, and you shouldn’t miss visiting it. Children will especially love being there and seeing the turtles. This place is a turtle rescue project.

Praia do Forte has several natural pools along it and most tourists love snorkeling here. The easiest to spot will be the fish, but you’ll have various other surprising views. You might find appropriate gear at the hotel, so ask about it.

The Praia do Forte is a small pedestrian village and it has several shops where you can find all sorts of souvenirs to bring home with you. Street food is also available and you will certainly want to try that as it tastes different than restaurant food.