Ponta dos Ganchos

Top 10 reasons to visit Ponta dos Ganchos

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Ever been to Brazil, or do you want to see other places than Rio de Janeiro? This top 10 reasons to visit Ponta dos Ganchos will surely want to explore Santa Catarina more.

Plan a wedding
One of the most popular wedding packages of this hotel offers is the one designed for a small gathering. The venue is a private peninsula with amazing ocean views and one of the most romantic settings you can imagine.

Book your honeymoon
Brazil is a romantic destination for a wedding, let alone for your honeymoon. If you already went on a honeymoon, why not having a second one to feel like newlyweds once again? This destination has been ranked as one of the most romantic in Brazil, so it deserves a chance, right?

If you want to see some really nice underwater scenery, diving is for you. Diving takes place at the Arvoredo Island, so ask the hotel staff about this experience as you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps you can visit the island if you don’t want to go under water.

Enjoy the water
There are more ways you can enjoy the water while lodging at the Ponta dos Ganchos. The most popular method is by swimming and you have the ocean to swim in, or the hotel’s pools. You can choose either the indoor or the outdoor pool.

Play some tennis
If you want to play some tennis you don’t have to leave the premises of your hotel as it even has a clay tennis court. You can start learning how to play tennis if you don’t already know. This activity includes all the equipment as well as water and fruits.

Book a spa treatment
There are several spa treatments you can choose from. One of the best of them is the one specially designed for tired legs. Many people choose a detoxifying experience while on a vacation as they feel its effects better and for a longer time.

Learn how to cook a new dish
You will learn how to cook some really nice seafood from scratch using only fresh ingredients. You can be sure they're fresh as you’ll pick some herbs from the garden with your own hands. The cooking class must be booked and lasts for 3 hours.

Visit the Ribeirão da Ilha community
This is a 6 hours long trip but well worth the effort. You’ll be transported in a world where time seems to have forgotten to move. One of the most touching things you’ll see in this community is the daily life of the locals: unchanged for decades.

Play some golf
The golf course is not found at the hotel, but this experience includes the transportation there and back. The golf course has only 9 holes and it features various natural obstacles. You don’t have to worry about the equipment or the instructors: the club has it all.

Helicopter tour

If you’re not scared of heights, then seeing the area surrounding the hotel from high up in the sky might be an once in a lifetime kind of experience. Make sure to bring your camera for the amazing views you’ll see.