Royal Decameron Baru

Top 10 reasons to visit Royal Decameron Baru

  • By Nancy D
  • South America Resort

Here you have a top 10 reasons to visit Royal Decameron Baru located on Isla Baru. This could be your chance of visiting Colombia, if you never been there before.

Play some tennis
There are many guests that like to stay active even during their vacation. The Royal Decameron Baru hotel has 2 tennis courts for those who love this sport for all the benefits it offers. Relaxing while trying your backhand is a given at this point.

Go to the gym
Guests that think tennis requires too much running under the sun, might want to work out in the shade and the gym is a perfect option and alternative. The hotel’s gym is fully equipped to meet the demands of most visiting it.

Take advantage of the water
This is a beach hotel and as such, its guests have a lot of water at their disposal. Just because the hotel has a beach by the ocean didn’t stop its creators from building a pool at the hotel as well. Remember that not everyone likes to swim in salty water.

Medical assistance
While many people prefer not to get sick while away from home, sometimes this just happens. It is better to know that help is close by if you’ll need it than to go somewhere and not knowing where to go or who to call because you got sick.

There is a spa as well
Sometimes we get ill because we are too stressed. To make sure you minimized the chances of any sickness, go to the spa. Reflexology and several body therapies are carefully chosen for the guests to select. The offers contain almost anything you could ask for to help you relax.

Visit the aviary
Aviario Nacional de Colombia is where you want to be if seeing birds is one of your favorite things to do. This sanctuary tried its best to perfectly recreate the habitat of each bird and some are free and would fly around you. You would be better off wearing a hat for protection.

Adults only
Persons under the age of 18 are not accepted at this beach resort, and this means adults have more privacy and a much more quiet time during their holiday. This rule is in place because a lot of paperwork is needed to travel with children into Colombia.

This activity is not offered by your hotel, but it is available near it. If you’re not scared of heights and you always wanted to see things from high up in the air then this is an experience designed for you. You can parasail together with your partner if you so wish.

Kayaking is a relaxing activity available on site, along with canoeing and rowing. You should ask the front desk personnel for more assistance, but you should be warned you might have to pay extra for these.

Various on site entertainment
The hotel makes sure its guests will not get bored and its staff frequently organizes various types of fun activities to participate in.